Regarding news related to Red Yeast Rice

SHINSENDOSuper NATTOGEN There is no problem, so please don’t worry. Thank you very much for your patronage of our products. In response to reports of health hazards caused by red yeast rice products manufactured by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., We would like to inform our customers who are concerned about whether or not our “Super NATTOGEN” is safe. The red yeast rice raw material used in Super NATTOGEN, which we manufacture and sell domestically, is It is different from the one manufactured by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. that is in question this time. Regarding safety, there have been no problems in quality testing, and there have been no reports of serious kidney disease. Please rest assured that we have not received any. We would like to sincerely apologize to our customers and everyone involved for the concern we have caused. [Precautions when taking Super NATTOGEN] In rare cases, it may not be suitable for you depending on your physical condition or constitution, so please refrain from taking it. If you have kidney disease or kidney disease, please refrain from consuming natto products.




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神仙堂株式會社《Super NATTOGEN 沒有問題,所以請不要擔心。 非常感謝您對我們產品的惠顧。 針對小林製藥株式會社生產的紅麴產品對健康造成危害的報道, 我們想告知那些擔心我們的「Super NATTOGEN」是否安全的客戶。 我們在國內生產和銷售的Super NATTOGEN所使用的紅麴原料是 與此次涉案的小林製藥株式會社生產的產品不同。 關於安全性,品質檢測沒有出現問題,也沒有嚴重腎臟疾病的通報。 請放心,我們還沒有收到任何訊息。 對於我們造成的擔憂,我們謹向我們的客戶和所有相關人員致以誠摯的歉意。 【服用Super NATTOGEN的注意事項】 在極少數情況下,根據您的身體狀況或體質,它可能不適合您,因此請避免服用。 如果您患有腎臟疾病或腎臟疾病,請避免食用納豆產品。