Detox with Nattokinase for aftereffects of COVID-19

“Somehow unwell” is rapidly increasing due to corona misfortune. Did you know that “nattokinase” is attracting attention for its usefulness in the aftereffects of the corona virus?

This is also called “corona aftereffects” or “vaccine aftereffects,” and many cases have been reported around the world. Even in Japan, it is being talked about on TV news every day. This is after reports of aftereffects such as strong fatigue, fever, headache, dizziness, difficulty breathing, abnormal movement of limbs, gait disturbance, hair loss, and brain fog (decreased ability to think and concentrate) after being infected with COVID-19 or after vaccination. It is said that it is spreading all over the country without stopping. Shingles is rapidly increasing in this corona misfortune again. These causes are considered to be due to the decline of natural immunity due to corona vaccination. Until now, shingles was a disease that was mostly seen in the elderly, but since the vaccination epidemic, it has become more common in people in their 30s and 40s. This is another example of autoimmune dysfunction.

Even after recovering from the new coronavirus infection, many people suffer from “corona aftereffects” (symptoms after illness). One of the hypotheses proposed during more than two years of research to elucidate its mechanism is the so-called “microthrombus”. This is a theory that when microthrombi are formed and capillaries are blocked, the flow of blood and oxygen is affected, leading to various symptoms. Preliminary studies have found that a significant amount of microthrombi are formed in the blood of COVID-19 patients with maiden names and patients with COVID-19 sequelae who have had symptoms for more than six months. What’s more, unlike microthrombi such as diabetes, which are easily decomposed, microthrombi of the new corona are not easily broken. If capillaries throughout the body are blocked by microthrombi, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to organs and tissues may be hindered, leading to fatigue, muscle pain, and brain fog (decreased ability to think and concentrate). there is.

The spike protein of the new coronavirus causes microthrombi to form in the body. Also, the spike protein that was put into the body by this vaccination will continue to make antibodies forever by binding to the surface of the cells in the body. Vaccines are thus threatened with the spike protein for the rest of their lives through this transfection cell fusion. Once you hit the vaccine, you can never go back to the body before hitting the vaccine. So how can we detoxify the mercury, aluminum, and viruses that have been introduced into the body by vaccination? In other words, detoxification (removing toxins from the body) is of paramount importance.

Spike protein, which is one of the causes of corona sequelae, is also protein after all. Proteolytic enzymes include nattokinase derived from natto, bromelain derived from pineapple, and serrapeptase derived from silkworms. Actively ingest nattokinase, a proteolytic enzyme, to detox your body.

In order to restore the autoimmunity that has been weakened by the corona sickness to a normal state,

We recommend taking nattokinase.




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這也稱為“電暈後遺症”或“疫苗後遺症”,世界各地已經報導了許多病例。 即使在日本,每天都在電視新聞中談論它。 這是在報告感染 COVID-19 後出現強烈疲勞、發燒、頭痛、頭暈、呼吸困難、四肢異常運動、步態障礙、髮和腦霧(思考和集中能力下降)等後遺症或接種疫苗後,據正在全國蔓延。 在這種電暈不幸中,帶狀皰疹再次迅速增加。 這些原因被認為是由於電暈疫苗接種導致自然免疫力下降。 到目前為止,帶狀皰疹是一種多見於老年人的疾病,但自從疫苗接種流行以來,它在 30 多 40 的人群中變得更加普遍。 這是自身免疫功能障礙的一個例子。

即使在從新的冠狀病毒感染中恢復過來後,許多人仍會遭受“電暈後遺症”(病後症狀)。 在兩年多的研究中提出的闡明其機制的假設之一是所謂的“微血栓”。 這是一種理論,當形成微血栓並阻塞毛細血管時,血液和氣的流動就會受到影響,從而導致各種症狀。 初步研究發現,有症狀超過六個月的COVID-19患者和COVID-19後遺症患者的血液中形成了大量微血栓。 更重要的是,與糖尿病等微血栓容易分解不同,新冠微血栓不易破裂。 如果全身的毛細血管被微血栓阻塞,器官和組織的氣和營養供應可能會受到阻礙,導致疲勞、肌肉疼痛和腦霧(思考和集中註意力的能力下降)。

新型冠狀病毒的刺突蛋白導致體形成微血栓。 此外,通過這種疫苗接種進入體的刺突蛋白將通過與體細胞表面結合,永遠持續生抗體。 因此,通過這種轉染細胞融合,疫苗在餘生中都會受到刺突蛋白的威脅。 一旦你打了疫苗,你就永遠不能回到打疫苗之前的身體。 那麼我們如何才能將通過疫苗接種進入體的汞、和病毒排毒呢?換句話排毒(排除體的毒素)是重中之重。

刺突蛋白是造成新冠后遺症的原因之一,畢竟也是蛋白質。 蛋白水解包括源自納豆的納豆激、源自菠蘿的菠蘿蛋白和源自蠶的沙雷肽酶 積極攝入納豆激(一種蛋白水解),為您的身體排毒。